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South Africa
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The twins over the years by AbnormallyNice
The twins over the years
Good golly grief if everyone can just pretend they never saw that first image that would be lovely thanks~

So I've been busy with a super secret project and haven't had a chance to really upload anything. So I thought I'd do something nice and lazy and put together and improvement image thingy. And who better to use than Joel and Aiden?

Around the time I got serious about drawing, I also started White Space. So these two have been along on my illustrative journey from the (horrifyingly cringe-worthy) beginning.
It did take me a while to get to this point (four years OTL), but I'm really, really happy with the improvement. I'm sure my past self would be impressed ;D
I've picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way, as well as got to know these characters more with every doodle and illustration.
I can only hope that I keep improving and doing something I love from here on out as well~

If only I could improve faster ;w;

Nightmare Unicorns by AbnormallyNice
Nightmare Unicorns
(Another one of those instances where I put something in stash that I wanted to upload and forgot it there...)

A doodle that turned out so cute/funny/good that I wanted to line it and upload it.
Here we have my subconcious self character, Annie along with one of YuunCatravis's DiTch characters, Shee.
Shee has a thing for unicorns, and Annie a thing for nightmares. I was reminded of the nighmares in Rise of the Guardians and well, this happened.

Annie and Shee have an evil love thing going on. We are all doomed.

Nightmare © Rise of the Guardians
TDW: Heart Chart Hachimon by AbnormallyNice
TDW: Heart Chart Hachimon
Updated last: 29/09/2014


Charity Faustus and Zeke
TDW: Charity Faustus
She and my Tamer seem to have a very strange relationship. But considering Ryan still spends time with her, I have to assume he likes her, despite the names he calls her.
Zeke is so kind and I appreciate him teaching me the things I don't comprehend as of yet. It's a shame he can't speak, that's why I want to learn that 'morse code' so I can understand him better. He also seems to like cuddling, which is perfectly fine with me. ^w^

Kyyubei and Salamon
TDW App: Kyyubei
As human's go, Kyyubei seems very nice. She and her Digimon do have a strange relationship it seems, since they tease each other a lot. Despite that, they are very entertaining to be around, especially Salamon. I hope that as canine Digimon, we could become good allies and packmates.

Emily Cooper and Crocutamon
Digital War: Emily Cooper
Emily really knows how to get Ryan to come out of his shell, which is excellent in my opinion. I'm sure the two of us can help Ryan become a little social again.
Crocutamon is my teacher, or my 'Sensei', as I like to refer to him. Seeing as he's a veteran when it comes to battling, I hope he can teach me a lot. His enthusiasm is contagious sometimes, which makes me feel like I can do anything. Wonder how he does that? Teach me, please!

Rika Willemse and Delgamon
TDW: Rika Willemse
Since she is Ryan's sister, I consider her a packmember and would take care of her the same, even if I don't know her that well. She does seem skittish around me due to her fear of dogs, but she's assured me that that doesn't mean she doesn't like me. We both just want what's best for Ryan in the end, so we have a mutual goal.
Delgamon....hmmm. She and Ryan are really close....which is good...I guess. But if she tries to take him away....there's no telling what I might do. How can a Digimon put me on edge like this by doing nothing...?


Ryan's Heart Chart
Hachimon's Application --> TDW: Ryan Willemse
We're finally in the new place! Still settling in but there are only two boxes left so I count that as a victory! \>w</

I would have been back sooner if I didn't get sick from all the dust that comes with moving things around. We also had an infestation of ticks for two days. And we got another cat.
You can see how that last fact has taken up most of my time, haha ;D

Anyway, I'm steadily going through all my messages and notifications over multiple social sites, meaning note RP's will (finally) be replied to!
I'm still waiting for a new graphics card so I'm not sure how much drawing will be happening. I'm currently using one that just lets me do the essentials so we will see. But pencil sketchdumps....yeah those might be happening soon XD

Also, the fantastic bloodskrawl and I are working on a little thing that should be really exciting for you White Space readers out there. But it shall remain a surprise for now ;D

And because I've been away for a bit, naturally my inbox has filled into the triple digits...meaning I'm skipping a lot of journals from other people. OTL
But I'd like to know how things are going with you all so feel free to tell me about it. Comment and I shall comment back because I missed talking to you guys ;)

Later, dudes!

PS, commissions are still open! Feel free to commish me, it'll help me out a lot~ ^w^
Info, right here!
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thanks for the watch =D
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HEY! >.<

Us *gestures* fangirls are wondering when more WhiteSpace will be thrilling our lives!



But only because we're super fans!
And we know that you're going through some rough times now so we understand if you cant post ASAP ^_^

Just letting you know that we love you and the great art you make!
And that we cant wait for the next post! ^_^


Even fangirls who've come back from the future *cough* with secret knowledge cant wait for the next chapter!

AbnormallyNice Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahahaha X'D

All fangirls will be happy to know that I have finally settled for the next few months.
Thus, the next page of White Space should be posted on Thursday, then follow it's regular updates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Weekends onward, as it has in the past~

Your support and excitement is what keeps me going, Madam Fangirl #1 :D

I love you all, my superfans!!
n-oodle Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Caught your kiriban! :heart:
AbnormallyNice Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa! That was fast! XD
Feel free to take a look at the commissions I do then note me with what you would like~! :la:
n-oodle Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
a drawing of my character Shane…
(pls dont look at the bad anatomy i was just doodling xD)
AbnormallyNice Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool :D
Anything specific you want to add? What he should do? Pose?
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